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Downtown Pittsburgh is small enough to easily walk from one end to the other. We’ve been here twice before. It seems charming enough but I wouldn’t walk the streets of Pittsburgh alone at night. Travelling so much makes you appreciate home a lot. I love Toronto even though we have one of the most desolate airports ever. I hear they’re trying to spruce it up a bit now though.

The amount of competitors at these high level NPC shows is unreal. It reminds me of when the WBFF World’s was held in Toronto and there were tanned people roaming all over Mississauga. The difference is that North American’s is only a national level show and the World’s is the WBFF’s version of the Olympia, so you can understand the point I’m trying to make. This show is big. The Manion’s are there. Steve Weinberger, Robbie Durand and every other fitness magazine editor and celebrity coach are there, too. The Rock was there. These industry heavy weights are the guys you want to know. These are the names that run the show.

Some of our OPA judges were there judging this weekend, too. It brought the two worlds together for me. Ontario took home 3 pro cards and there were lots of really great Canadian physiques in Pittsburgh. And of course, being at this prestigious show put things into perspective for me. I’m 10 weeks out now from my first OPA bikini competition.

I’m used to travelling with pre-packed meals and booking hotels with decent gyms nearby. I’ve never had to be this strict with my food before, but I’m always good with drinking lots of water and taking my vitamins because I’m obsessed with hair and skin health. The only contest prep practice I skipped over the weekend was posing, which bothered me a lot. Other than that, I was on point. And yes, even the Cheesecake Factory burger and dessert was part of my prep!

AJ and I have been discussing travelling to New York sometime over the next couple of weeks to visit with George and train at Bev’s before the Olympia. That’s something to look forward to and changes the scenery for something as monotonous as a competition prep. So, I guess there won’t be a break like we intended after Tampa.

All of this travel and socializing makes me feel like I’m stepping into the real world, if you can call it that. Honestly, if you ever told me I’d fall in love with athleticism and like it, I’d be shocked. More shocked that I’m not a forced scribe for an HVAC company, I’m in love with a bodybuilder and I’m not a ninety pound beanpole, but shocked nonetheless. Can you keep a secret? Our day lives are almost sublimely predictable. But the shows are anything but. It’s always somewhere new, always fresh and always exciting. There’s something so dire about being unknown, but that doesn’t bother me so much. I know how powerful my ambition can be. I’m going to make a ruthless soccer mom one day.

Every generation before ours had the opportunity to be better than the former. People seem to believe in our generations dreams less and less, especially in opening an original concept business and having it thrive. It’s fucking hard. And I guess dreams have always been a joke to other people until they’re made a reality. I’m lucky to have two successful Baby Boomer Grandparents who stuck it out together and rolled their eyes at the haters who thought they were ever at a disadvantage. They helpfully hand over honest insight like “Don’t be nice to no one” and “Doing something is enough to piss a lot of people off.” ‘Keep it simple, stupid’ will always be in the back of my head.

Anyway, I’m finished cardio for today. Talk soon and thanks for reading,


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