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Hiring people is a lot like blind dating. The real personalities don’t come out until you’re in too deep. I pride myself on having flashing streaks of intuition and good judge of character, but I prefer to only discuss things that matter with my employees. A lot like my Grandmother, I don’t like to waste my time with superficial chitchat or inconsequential conversation. But I’ve since learned from experience that my Grandfather’s style of befriending employees is important in order to know their true nature. No business will benefit from a two-timing employee.

One misconception that I encounter to the point of exhaustion is that the box gym trainers are knowledgeable, well informed and sensible. Unfortunately, this is hardly ever the case. Usually, trainers are hired in bulk and narrowed down to one or two that can sustain bouts of minimal pay, minimal hours and minimal clientele. They kill time idly for approximately seven and a half hours and rack weights for the remaining half hour. This is why I usually reject trainers with certifications granted by their previous employer. They come bitter, cynical and client-less. What could they possibly work for that could benefit me?

The first day of July, I jumped in the shower, put on my lucky panties and booked it to the studio for an interview at 9am. We hired an ex box-gym trainer that day. He signed on the dotted line that said he would respect and follow our policies and procedures. Boy, were my panties unlucky that day.

For me, there is always a line. On one side there is lying. On the other side, there is betrayal and backstabbing. I’ve noticed, with most people, if that line is crossed there is no going back.

I was caught off guard when 5 dollars, then fifteen dollars, then twenty dollars would be missing at the end of each week. I kept blaming myself for miscounting. It’ll ring hollow if I said that I didn’t suspect the employees, because I did. But our studio was so small. And crime never happened in Ajax.

I tallied up our income to transfer to our local bank branch and I noticed a couple of our young clients monthly payments hadn’t gone through. I called each one to find my calls were being ignored. When we finally threatened with collections, one of them finally came forward to explain themselves. Our newest trainer needed the cash and told them to cover for him.

I wasn’t expecting such blatant lying from an employee so soon. It was the initial belittling that was difficult to shake. Anyone with acquired authority in their environment knows how complacent you can become. Until you can eradicate your ego, any form of indecency is abysmal.

My heartbeat finally started to pound once the door closed behind him. Within twenty minutes, he denied, accused and finally admitted. I could feel the anger welling up inside of me. The nerve, the arrogance. This was really happening. I was so angry and full of rage when AJ finally said the only thing I think he could.

“Get out.”

When solving problems, I’ve learned to restrain myself from screaming like a banshee.

He offered us his cell phone and told us he would be back with the money. It took him several hours. I assume he had to beg his daddy to loan him what he had stolen from us and spent on a quick chemical burst. But he gave back to us what he said he could.

In two months, we had lost money that we will never get back, but we learned something that we will never forget. And I’m also happy to say I’m not that bad at math after all,


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