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Really? This all started two years ago with an idea, a passion, and a boardroom full of executives in overpriced penguin suits.

A little over two years ago, in a growing community in Ajax, we built our dream. My job is essentially doing what I love to do, with somebody that I love to be with. On a daily basis, I find myself wondering what I did to deserve all of this.

I guess the most surprising thing now is that it’s working. Sure, the threat of failure flickered behind my eyes. Almost like a sweat bead was ready to drip down my face and then changed it’s mind. I’ve had to fight to keep my head above water, of course. Maybe the real fact is that I still can’t really believe any of it.

Five years ago, my life was a disaster zone. I’d taken no significant action for my future. Anorexia rehab found me in the gym and the gym found me salvation, a job and a partner. We are able to help people, and that’s given me a huge responsibility to be a better person. If we’re not the best that we can be, then we’re no good to anyone else. Sometimes, it’s hard to imagine being someone until you wake up one day as that person. I am this person now. And I’m okay.

Our celebration wasn’t elaborate for our second year business anniversary. I’m nearing the end of my contest prep with three weeks left to go. I’m not a complete asshole yet, so I’d say it’s going quite well. It’s nice to have AJ understanding what I’m going through. The rest of my family’s not so understanding, but supportive nonetheless.

I’ve seen what my clients go through in the last weeks leading up to their show. Clocklike, repetitive, emaciated, and awfully boring. And well, here I am. And I’m okay.


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