In need of Nutritional Planning?

Struggling with weight-loss or need to take your training to the next level? Add FitNow’s nutrition planning to your bag of tools and see how what you eat makes a difference in attaining your goals. FitNow’s nutrition planning service will assess your current nutrition level, habits and routines, then guide you through the development of a plan and how to prepare nutritious, healthy, great tasting meals that will get you to your goals.

Who Nutritional Planning For?

  • Those struggling with how to eat properly.
  • People in a rush that don’t know how to prepare a quick healthy meal.
  • Clients and people, not seeing results in their weight training.

What Nutritional Planning Includes

  • A current nutritional assessment.
  • Assisted goal setting.
  • Custom program development.
  • Follow-up appointments.
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