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For the past twelve weeks, my eyes have involuntarily opened every morning by the sound of my alarm clock. As I sweet-talked myself onto the treadmill, I felt an immediate and intense need to just get it over with. There was never time for second-guessing or fizzle, there was only enough time each day for what needed to be done. Get up, get on the treadmill, eat your breakfast, pack your meals and get the day started.

Now, I am officially one week away from my first bikini competition. And because our studio is sufferably filled with foodies who immerse themselves in detailed talkathons about delicious food, everyone’s burning question is, “What are you going to eat after?”. And, as untrue as it sounds, I haven’t much thought about food. Except maybe burgers and grilled cheese. And possibly Nutella.

I did my very first photo shoot last week. No harm done. It seemed that my shy, introverted self had gotten lost or twisted her ankle on the way there. The girl that showed up at the shoot was definitely not camera shy. I like this girl. I think I’ll bring her to the show next weekend. Hopefully with tighter abs and leaner hamstrings.

I’m still debating which colour to wear. Red or blue. Since everything else has seemingly fallen into place, that’s the last piece of the puzzle.

I’m excited,


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