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It seems that there are four stereotypes for the bodybuilding narrative. They’re all on drugs, they’re all insecure, but they’re all hyper sexual and narcissistic. The cliché’s are endless and contradictory. To be clear, though, I don’t think that the cliché’s imposed upon the bodybuilding community are fitting or true. And when you view it from the bodybuilders perspective, their morals and humour aren’t that different from yours. Except you’re most likely small and you probably do CrossFit.

When we arrived in New York, the first thing we did was hit Bev’s Gym for a workout. Over the next hour or so, we ran into just about everybody Olympia bound or otherwise. It’s hard for me to notice things while I’m working out, but you can’t really miss Kai Greene even with his hoody pulled over his head.

Honestly, it wasn’t clear who was even in shape. 70% of the people in the gym were covered up and wouldn’t turn a head on the street. On the one hand, it was like a big gathering of King George’s star clients. On the other hand, Steve is like the Don. You can’t break a conversation with him until somebody else steals his attention. He is one powerful dude.

To me, New York is more of a place to visit than a place to live. The traffic is awful but the food is amazing. I’m 8 weeks out, so our food adventure was limited to one meal. AJ is captivated by any North American food chain. I was in such a good mood this weekend that he could have suggested McDonald’s and I would have agreed. More than once have we spent our cheat nights in a burger joint, but this was New York. A girls gotta get her fill.

Of course, I was able to get all of my workouts and posing in. My body is starting to change daily, but progress is not infinite during a prep, so my diet varies from day to day. I definitely have moments where I feel more tired than others, but my energy seems to be okay for the most part. Now that I’m getting leaner and I’m able to see what my body will look like, my poses have been changing to suit my shape.

It’s nice to be able to train at gym’s in different cities, search for Guy Fieri’s favourite diner’s and wake up next to a Hydroxycut model. And well, for a 23 year old girl who spends a significant amount of time sober, travelling and hanging around bodybuilders, I’m having a lot more fun than people would expect.


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