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I’ve been out out of commission this past week so I’ve been a little MIA. I’ve been referring to AJ as my naked nurse because he prefers to do most things shirtless, which isn’t something that I mind at all. I try to make him laugh as often as I can even when I’m not feeling the greatest because if there’s one thing in this world that makes me feel better than Tim Horton’s chicken noodle soup when I’m sick, it’s AJ’s belly laugh. His laugh is sometimes even better than my joke. Sometimes.
Three of our clients competed this past weekend at the Ontario GNC Henderson Thorne Natural show. As a coach you become much more personally involved than just giving instruction and having faith that the client follows through. I find that my heart makes it’s way to my throat every time a client steps on stage at prejudging and I pray that the weeks of hard work and dedication from both of us translates to the stage that day. And because I wasn’t feeling 100%, it was AJ’s job to offer consolation this week, so I laid beside him and listened while he gave our clients the best and most honest personal advice that he could.
Some competitors take anything less than first place as a loss. It always breaks my heart when a client is disappointed after weeks of steady transformation and hard work. Reflecting on the show is a good thing. Especially if the result was less than you expected. By doing this you can recognize what you could have done better and make sure that you improve on those things in the future. The feeling of failure is only a choice. You’ve only failed when you’ve given up and accepted the loss as a personal failure. The best advice that I heard AJ give to our clients was, “Always view failure as an opportunity and you will never fail”.


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